« Run, don’t walk, to Place des Arts’s 5e Salle to catch this incredible show in which the rhythms of a hybrid, uninhibited flamenco dazzle through the steps of exceptional dancers and musicians. It’s an audacious, poetic and sublime piece.»

MAZE (2016)
« From the get-go it’s established—what Montreal-based La Otra Orilla has in store is not merely a dance show, but rather a rich performance marrying modern flamenco, singing, percussion and guitar.»

ARTS ATL (2016)
« Soloist and choreographer Myriam Allard, in “Moi and Les Autres (Me and the Others),” astounded with her contemporary take on the flamenco genre. Along with co-choreographer Hedi Graja, who also provided the haunting and powerful vocals, Allard commanded the stage with a fierce, haughty brashness unlike anything I’ve seen in recent memory. Caroline Planté’s fingers flew over the Spanish guitar, accompanied by Miguel Medina’s stirring percussion. The quartet transported us to another place: where a late-night performance is a spontaneous gift. »
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« The primal intensity of Allard and Graja’s Flamenco is mesmerizing. Audiences remain rapt and silent until the explosion of applause. »

« Hats off to La Otra Orilla : HomoBLABLAtus is a great flamenco show nouveau genre, with many interesting theatre aspects.»

« Allard’s onstage presence is that of an independent thinker thrillingly engaged with the music and the movement, creating her own unique expression. Allard seems to push herself to the limit, genuinely engaging with the moment, as if this performance, now, might take her over the edge – and if she had jumped, we’d have followed, judging from the explosion from the audience when it was over.»

THE STAR (2013)
« Flamenco stripped down to its essentials as Allard pounded out the rhythms, pouring out her heart, becoming the dance. »

LA PRESSE (2010)
« All the traditional elements of Flamenco are present—gesture, rhythm and spirit—but interpreted in ways that are completely oblique and unexpected. With this magical, intelligent and radical show, La Otra Orilla takes its place alongside other artists (like Israël Galván) who are part of a growing movement championing contemporary reinterpretations of Flamenco. »

Review of Christopher Duggan about Moi&lesAutres world's premiere at Jacob's Pillow
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