Hedi Graja « El Moro »

Staging and cante

Multidisciplinary artist Hedi Graja was born with one foot on each shore of the Mediterranean, which crucially influenced his artistic identity. Introduced to theatre in Paris, then trained in classical singing in Toulouse, he eventually discovered flamenco, which would have a pivotal effect on his path. He left for Seville to dig deeper and flamenco singing became his preferred expressive medium. After spending four years in Andalusia, he completed his studies in art and literature in Paris, where he also continued studying flamenco singing and collaborated as an actor with the theatre company Le Théâtre du Voyageur. In 2005, he moved to Montréal where he founded company La Otra Orilla with dancer Myriam Allard. Since then, he has developed the company’s visual signature, taking charge of stage direction and design for all their productions. With a strong, fiery bass-baritone voice, rare in flamenco, Hedi Graja’s singing displays the elements of a deep flamenco, anchored and timeless.