HomoBLABLAtus, for three dancers and two actor-musicians, examines the possibilities and modes of artistic expression and questions the relationship between emptiness and overflowing in a world this is brimming with symbols.

Homoblablatus: n. singular - Sub-species of Homo Sapiens (also called homoblablator) manifesting hyperactivity of the buccolabial organ and presenting symptoms of addiction to all forms of verbal expression, alongside an extreme fear of silence. His approach to the world is volontarily childlike and playfull; he leads a temperate and interconnected existence and has developped an advanced model for survival based on an invented language called blablaterie.

The discovery of Homoblablatus, ultimate incarnation of the human race, has forced us to question the weight of our words and our behaviour. It also invites us to seek out pristine spaces or white pages where the spoken word can resonate and the written word can permeate.

On stage : Myriam Allard, Aurélie Brunelle, Hedi Graja et Miguel Medina
Special collaboration of Antonio Arrebola