Myriam Allard

« Myriam Allard is a true agent provocateur, pushing flamenco forward to achieve creative goals… an independent thinker thrillingly engaged with the music and the movement, creating her own unique expression. » Kaija Pepper, The Dance Current, 2012

Sensitive to the world of music and dance from very early childhood, Myriam Allard’s life changed when she discovered flamenco. Aged 21, she left her home in Quebec to travel to Spain, where she lived for six years. After intensive training she began dancing professionally at the traditional tablaos flamencos in Spain, Japan, France and Germany. Drawing strength from her rigorous European training and extensive professional experience, Allard’s dance breaks free of the traditional esthetic boundaries to develop an idiom that combines the instinctive and the impulsive with great sensitivity and refinement. She now lives in Montreal, where she founded La Otra Orilla in 2006 with singer and director Hedi Graja. Within this company she has developed a unique choreographic expression and produced 7 different shows that have toured Canada, the US, South America and Great-Britain with much success.